2019 Proposed Budget Call to Action

Now it is time for you to let our members of Congress know how important it is that CSFP is funded in Fiscal Year 2019 and beyond.

Here is what we would like our community to do right away.

• You should invite members of Congress or at least staff to come visit your program so they can see for themselves what is being placed at risk. Let them know how your program works, tell them why it is important, and if possible have a senior tell their story about how important CSFP is to them.

• Also, let members of Congress know what makes CSFP so effective particularly in reaching homebound and isolated seniors. Talk about what other additional help/services your agency provides and mention the community involvement in your program. From building the boxes to distributing the food, volunteers are making a difference. You know your program better than anyone else.

Please contact your Congressional offices today.