2019 Conference

Thank you to everyone that presented, and to everyone that attended the conference in Alexandria, VA. Here are some of the presentations that were made at the conference. Presentations will be added as they become available. (Shown in the members only section below. If you are a dues paying member and need a login, please contact us.)

Oscar the Cat – Keynote speaker David Dosa
Celebrating 50 Years Great – State to State – Rogger Szemraj
Education Committee Presentation – Frank Kubik
USDA General Session – Caroly Smalkowski, Lauren King-Dillon, Christina Riley
Caseload Development – Keicha Copeland, Kimberly Squire
CSFP Caseload 101 – Carolyn Smalkowski
How to be Review Ready at All Times – Tim Mote, Melissa French
CSFP Food Package Enhancements – Christina Riley, Lauren King-Dillon
Pulses – Becky Garrison
A Deeper Approach to Nutrition Education – Brandi Smith
Overcoming Barriers – Frank Kubik