National Commodity Supplemental Food Program Association

What is the NCSFPA

The purpose of the NCSFPA is to:

  1. Function as the representative body of the CSFP community, embodying the collective interest of the Association members and their constituents
  2.  Link CSFP local and state agencies in partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture in a national forum
  3. Promote the CSFP as an effective means for improving the health and nutritional well being of seniors
  4. Provide a national network through which resources, policies, procedures and models of creative programing can be communicated to persons working within the CSFP community

The work of the NCSFPA is accomplished through an all volunteer Board of Directors and Association members  who work together on various committees (standing committees and Ad Hoc). The following are a few of the sub committees and their functions:

1 .Education Committee: participates in development and implementation of regulatory and legislative policy as it affects the NCSFPA.

2. Nutrition Committee: makes recommendations regarding nutrition policy and conducts food package reviews.

3. Marketing Committee: looks for innovative ways to improve communication between members and our constituents.

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