National Commodity Supplemental Food Program Association
2017 Map of Expansion


Education Committee and Advocacy

The Education Committee of the NCSFPA is responsible to develop outreach and education materials for the Association and analyze and make recommendations to the Association regarding any public initiatives which may affect the CSFP. Follow the links below for initiatives the Education Committee has been working on.

2018 Signed Senate Dear Colleague letter

2018 Signed House Dear Colleague letter

Fiscal Year 2018 NCSFPA Budget Request

The History of CSFP Expansion

Advocacy Resources

2012/2013 National CSFP Association Senior SNAP Survey

CSFP senior program participants responded to a national survey conducted by the National CSFP Association in 2012/2013 to determine how many CSFP participants were also receiving SNAP benefits. For an executive summary and full details click here.

NCSFPA Farm Bill Recommendation 2012 

State Senior Hunger Data on Elderly Food Insecurity

Hunger is a serious threat facing millions of seniors in the United States. A recently released State Senior Hunger Data on Elderly Food Insecurity are contained in a State Scorecard from the Meals on Wheels Association of America.  This report outlines estimated state-by-state 2010 rates of food insecurity among elderly residents.

Numerous studies on Senior Food Insecurity can be found at the Foundation to End Senior Hunger website by following this link.





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