2016 Accomplishments

National CSFP Association activities that produced positive results during the 2016 year, included:

  • One new state was authorized to participate in CSFP. Bringing the total number of states to 47, Washington, DC and 2 Tribal Organizations.
  • Technical assistance was provided to all the new states that came on in 2015 and 2016.
  • Maintain positive relations with national partners including USDA, FRAC, Feeding America and AARP.
  • Support Washington D.C. based National CSFP Association lobbyist.
  • Support advocacy efforts of the National CSFP Association Education/Public Policy Committee.
  • Continuing improvements to the nutritional profile of the CSFP food package.
  • A record $221.3 M federal funding in 2016.
  • $236.120 M federal funding in the President’s 2017 proposed budget that would support an additional 20,000 additional caseload slots.
  • Annual National conference, tentatively scheduled for March 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana.