National Commodity Supplemental Food Program Association

Mission Statement:

The National CSFP Association mission is to provide leadership in program advocacy, accountability, delivery of healthy foods and nutrition education. LEARN MORE…


Vision Statement:

Healthy foods and nutrition education for all eligible seniors, mothers, infants and children through the Commodity Supplemental Food Program in all 50 States.

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From the Front Lines

In preparation for our Summer E-newsletter, we are looking for articles from our membership to be printed in “From the Front Lines”. We would like to highlight what is happening across the country in CSFP. Please share any special events, … Continue reading

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Please visit the Membership page for the 2014 membership dues invoice and the online payment feature. Your support of the NCSFPA helps ensure we can continue to meet the mission and vision of the Association. Once your organization submits payment, … Continue reading

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